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Waqt Ki Deewar
Waqt Ki Deewar

Waqt Ki Deewar

Cruel and lustful Thakur Dayal Singh (Amjad Singh) brutally rapes Sarla (Nazneen), forcing her to commit suicide, leaving her young children, Vikram and Munna, homeless. Vikram and Munna try to stay together but are separated. Years later Vikram (Sanjeev Kumar) has taken to a life of crime with Ranvir, who unknown to Vikram, is none other than Thakur Dayal Singh. While assisting his friend, Peter (Paintal) to meet with his future wife, Ruby (Preeti Ganguly), Vikram meets with the ravishing Priya (Sulakshana Pandit), and both fall in love with each other. Meanwhile Munna found a place in the home and heart of the devout and kind-hearted Sher Khan (Pran), who now calls him Amar Khan. Amar (Jeetendra) grows up to a diligent Police Inspector. His duties lead him to meet many thiefs and criminals, one of whom is the beautiful Soni (Neetu Singh). After a few misunderstandings both fall in love, and Soni pledges to give up her life of crime.

Genre: Action , Crime , Drama

Actor: Sanjeev Kumar , Jeetendra , Shatrughan Sinha , Neetu Singh , Sulakshana Pandit , Nazneen

Director: Ravi Tandon

Writer: Ravi Tandon

Country: India

Release: 1981-01-23

Duration: 156 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0