Patthar Se Takkar
Patthar Se Takkar

Patthar Se Takkar

Bindra lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his step-brother, Jagjivandas, in India. Their late father had employed, Pratap Chand, who they fully trust. Bindra re-locates to Africa to look after their family's business. Years later he returns back home, comes to the rescue of a beautiful lady, Shyama, who is being molested by hoodlums, but who subsequently thinks he is an impostor; has his luggage stolen by another woman, and returns home to find that Pratap has been arrested for stealing money from Jagjivandas to pay for his sister, Lakshmi's, marriage, as well as for the murder of a young woman named Shanti, who was pregnant with his child; was tried in Court, found guilty, sentenced to be hanged, but is now under police scrutiny in a mental hospital - where he is pretending to be insane to escape from the gallows.

Genre: Action , Crime , Thriller

Actor: Master Bhagwan , Urmila Bhatt , Birbal

Director: Gulab Mehta

Writer: Gulab Mehta

Country: India

Release: 1980-01-01

Duration: 133 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0